#GetToKnow Project

The #GetToKnow Project is a partnership between Adarius 4 Autism and Autism Edmonton – two non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals of living with autism. The purpose of #GetToKnow is to promote awareness and acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder to students in Grades 4-12.

We know that students learn best when they are engaged, so we have designed activities that create context for students to learn about some of the challenges that their classmates with autism may experience. Our goal is for students to develop empathy, understanding, and ultimately acceptance of all people in their school. We are challenging students to #GetToKnow more about autism, #GetToKnow someone with autism, #GetToKnow more about themselves, their school and their community.

The #GetToKnow project comes in two parts: the activity outline to re-create the experiences in your classroom or school and the #GetToKnow Project video below. It is recommended that you go through the activities and discussion, then spend time afterward watching the #GetToKnow video. Activities are most effective in a gymnasium or outside setting, but could also be performed in a classroom with plenty of empty space. The #GetToKnow presentation is explained in an active and engaging format that gets the students out of their desks and moving around, while participating in exercises that allow them to experience some of the challenges that people with autism may face.

The video was filmed in March of 2017 at H. E. Beriault junior high school with Adarius Bowman, President of Adarius 4 Autism; Matthew Kay, Adult Support Coordinator with Autism Edmonton; Lauren Rollett, Manager of Support Services with Autism Edmonton; and H. E. Beriault student volunteers.

We hope that you and your students find this an informative exercise and that you #GetToKnow more about autism!

(CLICK HERE!) to get your pdf copy of the activity outline and experience the #GetToKnow Project with your students!



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